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Mihaela Launeanu


I cultivate presence, generous listening and openness in meeting with each client. I strive to understand and value each client’s unique way of being, and I encourage clients to become themselves, live authentically, and take responsibility for how they live. I trust that each person is endowed with freedom and capacity to decide for themselves how they can live meaningfully.

My therapeutic style is grounded in the existential approach as I find this the most encompassing foundation to encounter the dilemmas, struggles, joys and sufferings that we experience as human beings. I also enjoy integrating a variety of expressive approaches such as sand tray, visual art, or movement therapy. I acknowledge the impact that power, privilege and oppression exert on my clients’ suffering. My practice is aligned with feminist, critical theory and relational-cultural stances.

I have worked as psychotherapist since 1999, first in Europe and then in Canada. Before starting my private practice, I provided psychotherapeutic services in hospitals, prisons, mental health agencies, inpatient and outpatient programs, university counselling centers and community agencies. 

I enjoy everything that sparks my creativity and curiosity. I love the beauty of nature and the endless possibilities in B.C. for hiking, biking, kayaking and skiing. I cherish my moments of solitude and reflection, and I delight in stimulating conversations, thought provoking books and movies, and embarking on new adventures.

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Education | Experience

M.A. Clinical Psychology (University of Bucharest)

M.A. Counselling Psychology (University of British Columbia)

PhD. Psychometrics & Research Methodology (University of British Columbia)

Graduate Diploma in Existential Counselling (GLE – International, Austria)

Graduate Diploma in Existential Psychotherapy (GLE – International, Austria)

Therapeutic Approach

  • Existential

  • Experiential and emotion focused therapies

  • Cognitive and dialectical behavioural therapies

  • Motivational interviewing and action and commitment therapy

Services Offered 

Individual Therapy

  • complex relational trauma including developmental trauma, moral injury, betrayal trauma, spiritual or religious trauma and dissociative disorders

  • body image, disordered eating and eating disorders

  • existential transitions including loss and grief, career transitions, developmental transitions or spiritual concerns including loss of meaning and purpose in life

  • displacement, nostalgia, issues pertaining to immigrants, refugees and marginalized populations

Relationship Therapy

Emphasis on helping couples communicate better; becoming aware of and respecting each other’s attachment style; repairing their attachment injuries; recovering from broken trust, infidelity, or betrayal; rekindling passion and desire in their relationship; or dealing with sexual difficulties or fertility issues.

Family Therapy

Supporting parenting issues, intergenerational communication and conflict, children’s behavioural difficulties, anxiety, depression or ADHD, understanding familial patterns and dynamics stemming from family of origin, and blended family dynamics.


Clinical supervision using an existential phenomenological approach that prioritizes therapist’s personal experience in working with their clients and deepens the understanding of interpersonal dynamics unique to supervision. Research supervision offering guidance to graduate students and other professionals throughout all stages of a research project.


“You have a way of letting me feel understood.  This is a gift you bring to me.  I don't have to wonder, "Is what I am saying making sense?" as you just get it.  Things came out of me today that I have never, ever acknowledged in my whole entire life.  Being with you brought it out.  I am amazed!  And very, very grateful”. 

“I am deeply grateful for having you in my life and for all your help. When I came to see you for the first time I had no hope that getting better was possible. My life was in shambles due to the many traumas I endured. My sessions with you changed everything. I felt supported by your deep care, compassion and patience. I felt seen and valued for the first time in my life. You gave me the courage to embrace life and be myself”. 

“It was a highlight of my day to talk to you today. I could feel in my guts that you understand many, many things--and I don't have to explain them to you.  You understand. I have hope to move through my past”.

“It was a highlight of my day to talk to you today. I could feel in my guts that you understand many, many things--and I don't have to explain them to you.  You understand. I have hope to move through my past”.

“I am amazed how easy it is to share with you painful memories that I never thought of sharing with anyone. You care deeply and from you I learned how to care for myself and my past. I rediscovered joy in my life and peace in my relationships because of our sessions. I look forward to every session with you”.

“I never believed in therapy before I started seeing you. I did not think I needed it but I think I was too scared to talk about my feelings. With you I felt safe to talk about all the messy things in my life. I felt that you understood me and never judged me. After every session I left with the feeling that I know myself better, that it is okay to be me, and my life began to make sense for the first time. Thank you”.

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