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Emily Wilson-George, MCP, CCC

For me, therapy is about connecting with my clients in a way that is meaningful and healing. I believe in the importance of providing a space where your experience is seen and heard—your struggles and your triumphs witnessed and acknowledged. As your counsellor I will be present, patient, curious, and compassionate. I am guided by an interest in existential therapy, which affirms that each person has an inherent capacity to choose how they live.

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Carlton D’Souza, MCP, CCC

I believe that life is defined by our decisions, a combination of the implicit, daily ones and the larger turning points. Sometimes we may have difficulty making these decisions because they are hard and painful, or we feel powerless to effect any change. Therapy, to me, is offering a safe space where clients can explore and experience their fears, vulnerabilities, sadness, powerlessness, and meaninglessness. 

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Chelsea Kirkpatrick, MCP, RCC

In my practice, I assist clients in living fulfilling lives through discovering their authentic selves. I take a deep, compassionate, and non-judgmental interest in my clients’ inner experience. In my view, all concerns are valuable and important to explore. Through this exploration process, clients can grow in self-acceptance and in turn, make life choices they can wholeheartedly stand behind. I’ve had many deep encounters with clients who inspire me to continue.

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Rochelle Chapman

I believe in being fully present to each of my clients and accepting you non-judgmentally with the concerns you bring. I embrace a collaborative approach: we work together to define what therapy will look like and the direction that your journey will take. I will invite you to fully access your emotions and experience, and to integrate them into meaningful decisions.

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Cecilia Ward,

I believe that the connection of a safe therapeutic relationship helps a person look more closely at the current struggles interfering with living a more fulfilling life. As a therapist, I value working with bodily, emotional, and mindful awareness. Essentially, I view psychotherapy as a tool for clarity. It is a way of looking and then seeing more deeply that which may hurt us or keep us stuck.

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Mihaela Launeanu

I cultivate presence, generous listening and openness in meeting with each client. I strive to understand and value each client’s unique way of being, and I encourage clients to become themselves, live authentically, and take responsibility for how they live. I trust that each person is endowed with freedom and capacity to decide for themselves how they can live meaningfully.

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Xavier Williams

I strive to be a kind, compassionate, and thoughtful listener; am curious about and interested in people; and possess a genuine desire to help others. I help clients confront difficult issues, and accept themselves for who they are and who they want to be, whatever that means to them.

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