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Cecilia Ward


I believe that the connection of a safe therapeutic relationship helps a person look more closely at the current struggles interfering with living a more fulfilling life. As a therapist, I value working with bodily, emotional, and mindful awareness. Essentially, I view psychotherapy as a tool for clarity. It is a way of looking and then seeing more deeply that which may hurt us or keep us stuck.

Before starting my private practice, I worked for a non-profit offering trauma therapy. Working with individuals impacted by trauma and abuse continues to be important in my private practice; I am so inspired by the resilience of their healing journeys. 

In my life, I enjoy nature and love to walk with other people, while listening to music or podcasts, or even in silence. I am a mother of two and find life can have a lot of activity, so I strive toward a daily meditation practice. I was born and raised in the lower mainland of Vancouver. As a child of immigrants from South America, I speak Spanish fluently and have benefited from many trips that helped shape an appreciation and curiosity for my own and others’ culturally diverse experiences.

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Education | Experience

Master of Counselling Psychology (Adler University)

Registered Clinical Counsellor (British Association of Clinical Counsellors) 

Therapeutic Approach

  • Existential Meaning

  • Trauma-Informed Therapies

Services Offered 

Individual Counselling
Anxiety, depression, dissociation, grief, view of self, and self in the world (relational concerns), and PTSD related experiences


"My counselling has been very professional".

"Sessions have been going really well. I'm happy to have started this process. I feel that Cecilia is a good match and I like her style of counselling". 

"My counsellor is great. I'm very happy with our sessions. I'm so grateful to have access to this life saving service”. 

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