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Personalized therapy that supports you in valuing your 
true self and living it out in the world

Therapy For Being
Oneself In The World

What Can We Help You With?

Confidently navigating relationships and family connections

Reducing anxiety and finding the courage to take meaningful risks

Healing from trauma or loss and shedding old patterns

Is This For Me?

It is our belief that most people can benefit from investing in self-growth through therapy. You may have a specific problem you are wanting to work through or an important decision to make. Or a mental health concern or trauma you want support for. You may want to work on your relationship or family dynamics. Or it could simply be that you want a safe space to explore your growth and share your experience.


Why Exist?

At Exist, you will not be given a cookie-cutter approach to your problems or an overload of general advice. We take the time to carefully listen and understand you. The hallmark of our existential approach is to honour your subjective experience and unique self. The support you receive will be tailored to helping you heal and respond authentically within the context of your life.

Meet The Team

Cecilia Ward.jpg

Cecilia Ward

Cecilia is a skilled therapist with a compassionate and flexible style.

Some of her interests include mindfulness, body-awareness, and internal systems.

Services offered: Individual Therapy

Mihaela Launeanu.jpg

Mihaela is a dynamic therapist with a passionate and intuitive approach.

Some of her focuses are embodiment, living authentically, and complex trauma.

Services offered: Individual Therapy, Relationship Therapy, Family Therapy, Consultation/Supervision

Rochelle professional photo cropped2.jpg

Rochelle’s approach is characterized by sensitivity, precision, and depth.

She is interested in self-worth, emotion, and the use of metaphors.


Services offered: Individual Therapy, Relationship Therapy, Consultation/Supervision

Xavier Williams.jpg

Xavier approaches his clients with curiosity, creativity, and kindness.

Themes in his work include personal empowerment, sexuality, and confronting the unknown.

Services offered: Individual Therapy

Chelsea Kirkpatrick.jpg

Chelsea is an insightful and natural therapist with a focused presence.

Some of her passions include supporting clients with self-compassion, feelings, and anxiety.

Services offered: Individual Therapy, Relationship Therapy 

Carlton D'Souza.jpg

Carlton D'Souza


What first stands out about Carlton is his patience, humour, and inquisitive nature.

Some of the themes he loves to work with are meaning-making, spirituality, and body-awareness.

Services offered: Individual Therapy

Emily Wilson-George.jpg

Emily is attentive, articulate, and gifted in making meaningful connections in clients’ stories. She enjoys exploring clients’ values, relationships, and sources of resilience.

Services offered: Individual Therapy, Relationship Therapy



In individual therapy, we encounter you with openness and the utmost respect for your unique self, experiences, and life context.


In relationship therapy, we guide the two of you in communicating with empathy, honesty, and respect.


Family therapy includes parents and children, and sometimes grandparents or other relatives who are involved in family dynamics. 


Existential group therapy offers a powerful growth opportunity—a safe and understanding community in which to explore your goals, especially the patterns of how you relate to others.


Professional development is critical for counsellors, therapists and other mental health professionals.


Sessions have been going really well. I'm happy to have started this process. I feel that Cecilia is a good match and I like her style of counselling. 

You have a way of letting me feel understood.  This is a gift you bring to me.  I don't have to wonder, "Is what I am saying making sense?" as you just get it. Things came out of me today that I have never, ever acknowledged in my whole entire life. 

Thank you for your incredible professionalism during our sessions. I felt heard, understood in my sadness and my joy. I even felt interesting. Our sessions have encouraged me to continue my journey of self-growth.

You have been so helpful and supportive throughout this difficult time. I really appreciate the insights you are able to offer me, while listening and validating my feelings.

My counsellor is great. I'm very happy with our sessions. I'm so grateful to have access to this life saving service.

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