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Carlton D’Souza MCP, CCC

I believe that life is defined by our decisions, a combination of the implicit, daily ones and the larger turning points. Sometimes we may have difficulty making these decisions because they are hard and painful, or we feel powerless to effect any change. Therapy, to me, is offering a safe space where clients can explore and experience their fears, vulnerabilities, sadness, powerlessness, and meaninglessness. It is also about discovering strengths and capabilities to support making decisions that feel more authentic to who you are. 

Prior to resuming my education, I worked at a psychotherapy centre and a hospital. People who I worked with included those suffering from anxiety disorders, terminal illness, and abuse. 

Something that drew me to this path is my love for stories. I can usually be found reading novels and comic books/manga, watching movies and shows in live-action and animated formats, or by having passionate discussions about them.

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Education | Experience

B.A. Psychology (N. K. College)

M.A. Counselling Psychology (University of Mumbai)

Diploma in Forensic Science and Criminal Law (St. Xavier’s College)

Master of Counselling Psychology (Adler University)

Therapeutic Approach

  • Existential

  • Person-centered

  • Narrative approach

Services Offered 

Concerns including depression, anxiety, self-worth, grief, loss, trauma, addiction, relationships, sexuality, existential questions, and life transitions.

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