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Anxiety Therapy

Have you been struggling with feeling frequently anxious, panicked, or noticing that fears are holding you back from living your life? At Exist Psychotherapy, we take a holistic approach: You will experience a patient, compassionate dialogue that moves at your pace. We will offer you tools for how to relieve the intense discomfort of panic/anxiety. But more importantly, we take the time to understand what your fear is really about and to collaboratively make a plan for how to find your courage and take risks in the areas of life where you feel anxious, whether that’s relationships, work, school, future decisions, or a specific fear like public speaking or large crowds.

Anxiety therapy for living a fuller life...

We look forward to connecting with you!

Chelsea Kirkpatrick.jpg

Chelsea Kirkpatrick MCP, RCC - Associate

Chelsea is passionate about treating anxiety and has witnessed many clients making significant growth in feeling grounded and free to live their lives.

  • accepting new clients on Tuesdays (mornings), Thursdays (daytime/evening), and Sundays (daytime)

  • Individual therapy (1 hour) - $140 + GST 

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