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Margaret Noel M.A.


In my practice, I strive to create a space that honours the uniqueness and individuality of each of my client’s experience with warmth and compassion. I value the true courage it takes to look within oneself, understand what is hindering us, and work to overcome our adversities and I consider it a true honour to support you in your healing journey.  

To me, each client is the expert in their experience and I value a collaborative approach in which each client is provided the freedom and non-judgmental space to explore their goals and how they wish to accomplish them freely and openly. My practice is grounded in existential analysis as I believe deeply connecting with one’s self, values, and emotions provides the grounding for supporting individuals in finding meaning and authenticity to bring more of themselves into how they live their lives. I also believe in drawing upon specific therapeutic strategies from emotion focused, cognitive and dialectical, as well as feminist and narrative approaches to meet each client where they are at. I am deeply moved by the human experience and my goal in working with each client is that you feel deeply seen, heard, and safe to tell your story in a supportive and non-judgmental space. I wish the courage to take this step for yourself and look forward to working with you.

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Education | Experience

Bachelor of Business Administration (Simon Fraser University)

Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (University of British Columbia)

Therapeutic Approach

  • Existential

Services Offered 

Individual Counselling

I am seeing clients for a range of concerns including depression, anxiety, eating disorders, body image, sexuality, self-worth, grief, loss, trauma, relationships, existential questions, and life transitions.


Couples Counselling

I am seeing all types of couples drawing on the principles of Emotional Focused Therapy, Gottman Method, and Existential Therapy. 


"Margaret has been an incredible support on my recovery journey. She is kind, compassionate, empathetic and insightful. She asks thoughtful questions that are often getting right to the heart of the matter. Sometimes those questions are hard to answer, hard to hear and/or require time to reflect on, but they are always valuable."

"I feel safe, seen and heard with Margaret, and I believe she has a firm understanding of eating disorders, which can be very hard to find. I highly recommend working with Margaret, if you have the opportunity."

"I have done counselling before but haven’t been able to work at quite such a deep level with anyone as I have with Margaret. Margaret is an incredible listener.  And to have someone demonstrate so much care, without judgement I have been given the space to be totally honest and fully let go. She is someone who takes her role very seriously, never checks out and is always there for you."

"Thanks to Margaret’s support, I have been able to explore many parts of my personality with a level of depth that I wouldn’t have been able to reach by myself. Her curious, friendly and calm approach have contributed in creating an environment that encourages me to safely question my assumptions and challenge my own perspective. I’d highly recommend her as anyone’s mental health professional." 

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